Three finalists for Georgia license plate: how could anyone choose?

[If you’re looking for the winning plate design, go here.]

I’ve been running behind with posts about some ongoing topics on this blog, and I’m quite late with this post of the three finalists chosen by online voting on the Department of Revenue site for the design for the new Georgia license plate.

You might remember that this process got unduly complex because a first round of voting among 8 semifinalists got caught up in a controversy over the placement of an optional “In God We Trust” sticker on three of the choices.

Here are the top three votegetters:

Assuming the process is not upended again, Governor Deal will choose from among these finalists.

But how could anyone choose?

I mean, each of these three plates represents such a sharply different identity for the state.

Note how #8  dares to place the state name off-center and experiments with the low horizon reminiscent of Dali, how #3 eschews “The Peach State” entirely and opts for the bold loop of an “R” that contrasts so sharply with Ikea-ic simplicity of the tag number, how #1 boldly embraces cursive script above the pale peach outline of the state.

Really, how could anyone decide?