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Cat attacks dog attacking little boy – video

The owners of this house probably might have gone overboard with security cameras, but look at the amazing footage they snagged of a neighbor’s dog randomly attacking their cute little son (I’m assuming the dog hated the sound of those…

Dogs who won’t walk by cats . . .

This has been making the social media rounds and already has more than 9 million views. But if you haven’t seen it and like cats and/or dogs, it’s well worth a look. Too funny.

The reindeer of Instagram

I’m sorry. I made the mistake of clicking on the Instagram hashtag #reindeer. This is just a small sampling.

So here’s my Georgia football question . . .

OK, I’m not going to suddenly start blogging routinely about sports. And I’ll admit that I’ve gotten less and less interested in college football in recent years because of the growing issues involving concussions and the shameful commodification of young…

Incredible 911 audio from Atlanta: bookkeeper Antoinette Tuff calms gunman

Several of my friends on Facebook shared this audio today, so I knew it must be worth a listen. And, wow. Bookkeeper Antoinette Tuff was in the office when Michael Brandon Hill entered Ronald E. McNair Discovery Learning Academy in…

A cat, a dog, a duckling, two shark suits, and a Roomba (video)

Thanks to my friend Stacy Jennings for posting something about this. Here you go: And another posted by the same user — texasgirly1979:

Barbara Garcia, elderly tornado survivor, finds dog while being interviewed (video)

This is pretty powerful stuff. Barbara Garcia’s restrained emotions are really something here. It’s also worth noting that the cameraman keeps filming rather than helping Garcia get Bowzy out from under the debris. Both Garcia and Bowzy appear to be physically OK.

Watch OCEARCH tag Lydia, a 14.5′, 2,000 lb. great white shark off Jacksonville coast

I’ve posted several times about OCEARCH‘s tracking of great white sharks around the world — including along the East Coast of the U.S. One night, a 16.5 foot, 3,500 lb. great white named Mary Lee even turned up in the…

Researchers tag Lydia, a 14 foot great white shark, off the Jacksonville coast

More news from the OCEARCH Facebook page.

James Cromwell arrested protesting experiments done on cats

The lanky 73-year old actor was a special guest for the 2011 SFF, and he received an honorary doctorate from SCAD in 2012. At least one of his kids attended SCAD.

NYT profiles tiny Eastern Kentucky town and its expanded anti-discrimination ordinance

I’m from Kentucky, but have never heard of Vicco, a tiny town between the bigger towns of Hazard and Whitesburg. From the NYT’s Tiny Kentucky Town Passes Ban on Gay Bias:

I’m from Kentucky, but have never heard of Vicco, a tiny town between the bigger towns of Hazard and Whitesburg.

From the NYT’s Tiny Kentucky Town Passes Ban on Gay Bias:

Mary Lee — a 16 foot great white shark — now in waters off Georgia coast

Mary Lee is a big great white shark — 16 feet and 3500 pounds. If you click on through and sort the map to see Mary Lee’s travels, you’ll see that she’s been staying very near the coast, but traveling some pretty large distances.

Despite over 34,000 signatures in support, U.S. will not build Death Star, according to White House

The Obama administration has committed to give official responses to any petitions that garner more than 25,000 signatures (the current threshold).

Mary Lee — a 16.5 foot, 3500 lb. great white shark — in surf off Jacksonville

OCEARCH’s remarkable story of two great white sharks off the East Coast of the United States continues. [UPDATED, 1/9.]