New track from upcoming Astronautalis album: “Dmitri Mendeleev”

One of my favorite acts of last March’s inaugural Savannah Stopover was Astronautalis — the hip-hop artist originally from Jacksonville who isn’t afraid to mix genres.

There were some audio issues at his gig, but I loved the show. My review of it with a fair number of pics can be found here.

Astronautalis’ new album This Is Our Science will be released by Fake Four Inc. in September — and I’ll be buying it for sure. Fake Four co-founder Ceschi Ramos had a great gig at The Wormhole a few weeks ago, but it was regrettably sparsely attended.

So here’s an early listen to “Dmitri Mendeleev” from Astronautalis’ new album:
Dimitri Mendeleev by Astronautalis

Astronautalis at the Savannah Stopover

Mendeleev (1834-1907) created the first Periodic Table. I love the density and energy of this song, although I haven’t taken the time yet to put all the pieces together, including the Joni Mitchell reference early on.