Barrow out of Savannah in proposed Congressional redistricting map

[UPDATE 8/22: Find the proposed new U.S. congressional map here.] [UPDATE 8/12: The proposed Georgia state House and Senate district maps are here. The final proposed U.S. Congressional map should be available soon.] In his excellent Political Insider blog at the AJC, Jim Galloway this morning has published the new Georgia Congressional district map being discussed by Republicans. The entire post is here. Galloway has some excellent commentary and provides a download link to the PDF.

Note that this is nowhere near a finalized map, but there will have to be some real changes somewhere because Georgia is picking up a 14th seat in the House.

In this draft, Barrow’s 12th district seat would not extend into the Savannah metro area at all.

Have at it:

UPDATE, 12:24: I decided to add this current map for a point of comparison: