Here are the proposed new Georgia House and Senate district maps

The proposed new maps of Georgia House and Senate districts can be found here.

For a quick look, here’s the state House map:

Here’s most of the Savannah metro area House map:

All of the data regarding population per district and the number of blacks in each district can be found here.

Here’s the state Senate map:

Here’s a detail of the Savannah metro area Senate map:

Data regarding population per state Senate district, including the number of blacks, can be found here.

Again, there’s lots more info about these proposed maps here.

I haven’t taken the time to look closely at any of these maps, but there’s some interesting preliminary analysis underway at Peach Pundit and at the Political Insider at the AJC.

Given Republican dominance of both houses and the governor’s office, it seems likely that district changes will for the most part favor Republicans. There was an interesting allegation last week by a Democrat that the new maps will basically disempower white Democratic representatives — I might follow up on that accusation at some point.

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