SCAD’s Silver & Ink photo show scheduled for April 30th

One of the easily missed highlights of spring in Savannah is the chance to see the end-of-year exhibitions of work by students at the Savannah College of Art and Design.

These shows are typically well-publicized and listed in all the appropriate calendars, but they still drop off the radar screens of many residents who don’t have SCAD ties.

"Centering Sarah" by MFA candidate Ben Rollins

And that’s too bad, because the work is invariably interesting. It’s student work, obviously, so there can be some unevenness in quality, and the disparate styles in some of the group shows can result in a lack of cohesiveness. But those are minor issues compared to the high quality of much of the work, the impressive presentations that the college mounts, and the chance to see art in such a youthful, energetic atmosphere.

One of the shows I’ll certainly try to attend again this year is Silver & Ink, the 4th annual exhibition of student photography on April 30, 6-9 p.m., at River Club (at the corner of River Street and MLK).

Last year’s show was one of the gallery highlights of the entire spring. Other related events beginning on April 28 are listed here.