Pictures of and a few comments about King Street in Charleston

I was in Charleston briefly last week, just a quick wander around town after having lunch with National Book Award winner Jaimy Gordon (Lord of Misrule) and some professors at the College of Charleston. (Jaimy spoke here last Thursday and was appearing there on Friday.)

I took some shots of King Street, which is of obvious interest for its urban form and for its retail success. I took a few shots elsewhere too. Some of the pics below have comments attached, some do not. Enjoy.

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1 comment for “Pictures of and a few comments about King Street in Charleston

  1. matthew
    March 2, 2011 at 8:07 am

    Ah, comparing us to Charleston is simply not allowed. We refuse to believe that anyone could have a better idea than we do. I am totally with you on the use of the sidewalk (items on the sidewalk make it feel like a city!) The other thing that I like about Charleston is that they incentivise the use of parking garages by charging for street parking and the garages are free for the first two hours. I know I have mentioned this before, but doesn’t this encourage the behaviour we want? Oh wait, someone else is doing it so it won’t work here. I will drop the sarcasm, I just get frustrated because on the whole we have such a great city with so much to offer but we constantly seem to try to things to defeat ourselves. I am thrilled the girl scouts can sell cookies on Oglethorpe, but I wish we would address the actual issues surrounding that versus just issuing a waver. And don’t get me started on music in resturants/bars/clubs.

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