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Time for Savannah and Chatham County to move forward with Unified Zoning Ordinance

Want to open a “trampoline center”? Think your property should be zoned “agricultural tourist”? Then we have the obsolete zoning just for you. We’re constantly fighting about zoning here in Savannah, most recently in a controversy involving new townhouse apartments…

Boring but important: Unified Zoning Ordinance (UZO) for Savannah and unincorporated Chatham County

We have 126 zoning districts, far more than much larger cities. Some current development requirements do not work for urban settings, which results in an inordinate number of appeals for variances. And too many property and business owners simply can’t find their way easily through the complex documentation and bureaucracy.

Zoning reforms in Seattle echo goals of some in Savannah

I was a member for several years of the technical committee that met monthly overseeing and discussing the work of local planners hoping to overhaul and update antiquated, overly rigid zoning codes. Regrettably, that process of creating a Unified Zoning…