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Friday at The Jinx: Cusses, single release by Whaleboat, plus Can’t Kids

Cusses’ last Savannah show till May and a new single from up and coming Whaleboat.

The MusicFile — now with a regular Savannah Morning News column — picks the top 20 songs of the South for 2012

Good news for readers of Do — the entertainment pullout section on Thursdays in the Savannah Morning News: Kayne Lanahan and The MusicFile team (the folks behind Savannah Stopover) are going to be writing a couple of columns per month.

The inaugural piece: The MusicFile: Sorting out the top 10 Southern songs of 2012.

No Control Fall Festival – 10/06/12

The twice-yearly event once again will be held at Southern Pine Company at 35th and East Broad streets in Savannah. Eight bands are scheduled for this all ages event.

Fashion’s Night Out Savannah: schedule of bands and runway shows

If you’re planning to spend much of Thursday night on Broughton Street, here’s a more detailed schedule with the lineup at the outdoor stages.