My latest Peach Pundit post: July primary could doom TSPLOST

I’ve got a new post up today — Savannah, Turnout, and TSPLOST — arguing that a weak Democratic turnout in Chatham County on July 31 will doom the coastal region TSPLOST.

AJC looks at likely effectiveness of proposed transportation sales tax

“If some spots edge toward transformation, that’s a bonus. Regionwide, metro drivers in 2025 would waste 128,000 fewer hours in traffic each day than they would if the referendum doesn’t pass, the ARC found.

But they’d still waste 1.8 million hours a day.”

“Why spend all that money to tear down our perfectly good flyover? Where will all the cars go?”

I hear those two questions all the time when the I-16 flyover removal comes up. And I’m expecting to hear them a lot more in the next two months.