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Savannah Harbor Expansion Project gets official nod

An Assistant Secretary of the Army signed the Record of Decision on October 26th authorizing the massive, $650+ million dredging project for the Savannah River.

South Carolina Ports Authority head talks about Savannah River dredging and proposed Jasper port

Check out this interesting interview in the Aiken Standard with South Carolina State Ports Authority head Jim Newsome: S.C. Ports Authority’s Newsome reflects on three years as CEO and the path ahead.

Bloomberg: Container lines losing price battle

With so many East Coast ports rushing headlong to expand capacity and with such uncertainties in global trade, I’m left wondering if the complex economic analysis of the Savannah Harbor Expansion Project by the Corps of Engineers adequately took into account various scenarios that might have seemed unlikely a few years ago.

NYT notes experts’ skepticism about port expansions and costs

Christopher Lytle, executive director of the Port of Long Beach: “There’s just not going to be a huge movement of cargo from the West Coast to the East Coast.”

Obama executive order should expedite Savannah harbor deepening

“The first 7 of the initial 43 projects that will be expedited by the Executive Order are located at five ports – the Port of Jacksonville, the Port of Miami, the Port of Savannah, the Port of New York and New Jersey, and the Port of Charleston.”

“Stadium vs. Arena” increasingly hot topic in Savannah

Putting an arena and a stadium next to each other is a terrible idea for Savannah. Putting a covered arena on valuable, scenic riverfront property is an even worse idea.

New study skirts primary issues regarding East Coast port dredging

Which ports on the East Coast or in the Gulf would it be most cost-effective to deepen in anticipation of larger ships coming through the Panama Canal in 2014? What’s the best way to fund those dredging projects?

East Coast port expansions: more skepticism about costs and about job creation

Transshipment — moving goods from bigger vessels to smaller ones on the Atlantic side of the Panama Canal — might mean that much of the planned East Coast harbor dredging is unnecessary.

Politico: Panama Canal expansion turns into ‘money grab’

“It’s all a money grab,” said Tom Finkbiner, senior chairman of the Intermodal Transportation Institute at the University of Denver. “The competition becomes between ports and it goes to Washington and you have to justify why you are spending this money. So it becomes an excuse.”

Cool Savannah happenings: Tall Ships Challenge (photos)

The first things I noticed were the textures and the colors.

Whose is bigger? McClatchy takes a long look at U.S. port depths and locations

If you’re interested in the ongoing debates, controversies, costs, and risks regarding dredging the Savannah River from 42′ to 47′, check out this interesting piece today by Curtis Tate of McClatchy Newspapers: As states seek funds for deeper ports, will ships come in?

Will Georgia taxpayers have to pay entire $650 million for dredging?

I don’t know whether Georgia politicians are feeling the pressure from South Carolina’s growing resolve regarding funding or whether there are simply growing concerns about the federal funding process, but yesterday’s press conference with Governor Deal could be the first step in asking state taxpayers to fund the entire $652 million dredging of the Savannah River.

S.C. prepared to pick up full tab for Charleston port dredging

New editorial from the Charleston Post & Courier explores federal failings over the decades and the need for national strategies regarding dredging projects.

Savannah River deepening: Savannah Morning News coverage today is thorough

Click here to go to the news page that has multiple — and thorough — articles about yesterday’s authorization that the Savannah River channel be dredged to 47 feet, which is 5 feet deeper than it is now but a…