Cool Savannah happenings: Tall Ships Challenge (photos)

The first things I noticed were the textures and the colors.

The Tall Ships Challenge and Festival begins today (Mary Mayle has a great piece in the SMN), but most of the ships were docked on River Street yesterday, and the waterfront was bustling last night when I went down about sunset.

I took my 50 mm lens, so there were few spots where I could zoom out enough to get a whole boat in the frame.

The wood on these things is gorgeous, and so too are all the fabrics. The Indonesian navy ship the Dewaruci with its crew plus 74 young cadets was even open well into the night — happily greeting visitors, answering questions as best they could, making a lot of people happy.

In the pictures below, the Dewaruci is the one with the lights on the masts. Gorgeous.

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