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Maximizing public access to public places as a guiding principle of city management

In my City Talk column today, The importance of maximizing access to public spaces, I try to connect the dots of recent columns — and others dating back many years. Casual readers might see my newspaper work as a series…

Highway conversion in New Haven as a model for I-16 flyover removal

I’m firmly with the urban planners who think that removal of the I-16 flyover, which would get a small share of the TSPLOST revenues, makes sense from every angle: traffic flow, economic development, the push for “complete streets”, tax revenue, residential development, and on and on. But I didn’t know of a project of similar scale in New Haven until I saw a tweet from Streetsblog this morning about it.

“Why spend all that money to tear down our perfectly good flyover? Where will all the cars go?”

I hear those two questions all the time when the I-16 flyover removal comes up. And I’m expecting to hear them a lot more in the next two months.