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Case-Shiller: Home prices up in May, but still down compared to last year

“With May’s data, we found that home prices fell annually by 1.0% for the 10-City Composite and by 0.7% for the 20-City Composite versus May 2011.”

AJC: Transportation in Atlanta vs. Portland

“he dominant reason, according to one narrative prevalent among city planners, is that young folks gravitate to high-energy, walkable, eclectic neighborhoods where they don’t need cars — and that projects like Portland’s streetcar help create those neighborhoods.”

Georgia employment: less populous areas still losing jobs

At the end of my City Talk column today in the Savannah Morning News that begins with the Byrd Cookie Company’s new cafe, I mention the significant year-over-year decline in jobs in the Savannah metro area, which includes Chatham, Bryan,…

Home price declines: What’s the matter with Atlanta?

Atlanta home prices fell 17.7% from March 2011 to March 2012.

New data shows homes underwater, county by county

In Chatham County (Savannah), 37% of mortgages are underwater. Most counties in metro Atlanta top 50%.

AJC looks at likely effectiveness of proposed transportation sales tax

“If some spots edge toward transformation, that’s a bonus. Regionwide, metro drivers in 2025 would waste 128,000 fewer hours in traffic each day than they would if the referendum doesn’t pass, the ARC found.

But they’d still waste 1.8 million hours a day.”

Atlanta Food Truck Park opening Thursday

As the food truck movement has grown in cities like Atlanta and Charleston, it has stalled in Savannah.

Home prices hit new lows in February, according to Case-Shiller

And more bad news for Atlanta.

Why housing will continue to be a drag on the recovery

New construction is typically a driver of economic recoveries, but the combination of tighter credit because of the financial crisis and the massive overhang of existing homes — we built too many plus saw many others become distressed — could not be countered by any conventional, or politically acceptable, policy moves.

Walk Score: Slate series on pedestrian issues weighs validity of widely used metric

Tom Vanderbilt, in the 3rd part of his excellent 4-part series on pedestrianism and walking in America, focuses on Walk Score, “the company that tracks the “walkability” of locations around the world.”

For economic performance in 2011, Atlanta ranks 189 on list of 200 world metro areas

From the AJC’s Atlanta’s global economic standing: #189: Atlanta’s economy – primarily its employment and income gains over the last year – were so anemic that the city came in at No. 189 in the think tank’s list of top…

Why are Atlanta home prices falling so fast?

There are obviously lots of potential answers for the question in my title. But since posting earlier today about the extreme declines for Atlanta home prices in September and October according to the S&P/Case-Shiller Indices, I’ve been looking at a…