Photos of The Rolling Stones in Atlanta on 6/9/15

As I’ve said before, I used to post a lot of music content to this website, but a year and a half ago I founded a collaborative music blog that focuses on Savannah: hissing lawns.

hissing lawns is named in honor of Joni Mitchell, whose album The Hissing of Summer Lawns remains under-appreciated. (Much of her work is under-appreciated in a reductive way, I think, as evidenced by descriptions like “folk singer” that appeared in the press when her current health crisis made the news.)

I’m just one of about 8 or 9 active contributors to hissing lawns — and it feels great to have so many good writers and photographers who are so passionate about the local, regional, and national music scenes.

Of course, as a result of spending so much time editing hissing lawns, combined with some very difficult out-of-state family issues, I haven’t spent nearly as much time here at Savannah Unplugged as I used to. I plan to keep this blog going, however, and I’m hoping to put a lot more content here this summer and fall.

Given the interest generated by the Savannah Unplugged post about the time The Rolling Stones stayed in Savannah — almost exactly 50 years ago — I thought I’d reshare a small number of the photos of The Rolling Stones that I shot at Georgia Tech’s Bobby Dodd Stadium in Atlanta on June 9th.

Click here for more photos and a full review at hissing lawns. (And please consider liking the hissing lawns Facebook page.)













Again, that’s just a quick sample of the shots. Click here for more.