“Brooding twilight,” “great pie,” and “a southern version of Twin Peaks”: Savannah through the eyes of Patton Oswalt, Anne Rice, and other Savannah Book Festival authors

I wasn’t able to attend any of the Savannah Book Festival this year, but I’ve been following some of the action on Twitter and Facebook. (By the way, the SBF could be a lot more active on social media when the festival is taking place.)

Patton Oswalt seems to have had exceptionally good time wandering downtown Savannah — and tweeting about it along the way. With over two million Twitter followers, Oswalt gets responses to tweets immediately, and in large numbers. You can click on through any of the embedded tweets below to see his profile, of course.

Anne Rice relies heavily on Facebook — her tweets are automatically sent when she posts to her page, which you can also visit by clicking through the embedded media below.