Savannah and Charleston neck-and-neck in Garden & Gun’s clever promotional bracket

UPDATE: So Savannah knocked off Charleston and now goes up against Asheville in Garden & Gun’s clever contest.

In the South Atlantic regional, Savannah has already knocked off Key West (maybe something of a surprise) and Thomasville (easy second round!), but now we’re up against Charleston.

As I write this, Savannah has 51.9 percent of the vote to Charleston’s 48.1 percent.

So, barring a big push from north of the border, Savannah will head into the final four and face Asheville.

This all of course has to do with Garden & Gun’s really clever promotional Greatest Southern Towns Bracket. It’s obviously a great way to get people to the magazine’s website, and it’s a great way to get people thinking about visiting and researching various towns and cities in the South.

And I’m sure it’s a pretty thrilling development for some of G&G’s advertisers.

So, go vote if you’re so inclined. As silly as it is, there will be some good press out of all this, and it’s always nice to beat Charleston in something.