Washington Post on Michelle Nunn and Jason Carter’s chances in 2014

I just posted to Peach Pundit about the Washington Post analysis today of the chances for Michelle Nunn in Georgia’s Senate race and for Jason Carter in the 2014 race for Governor.

If you haven’t been following these developments, the whole piece is worth a read: Michelle Nunn, Jason Carter hope to rechart the course of Georgia politics.

As I’ve written here before, I think Nunn has a good chance of winning. I would not be surprised if she emerged as the narrow but clear favorite sometime next spring as the Republican primary gets uglier.

I’m not so sure about Carter’s chances. He’s very young, just 38, and his grandfather remains a polarizing figure in ways that Sam Nunn never was. So I could see a small percentage of Nunn supporters who vote for Deal’s re-election.

It’s going to be interesting to see what happens. And to see how much more national press these races get.