Savannah Rocks! seeking memorabilia of local music scene through the decades

The Beatles played The Ed Sullivan Show on Feb. 9, 1964. In honor of that cultural moment that was literally life-changing for those who were kids and teens at the time, Savannah Rocks! — which has over 1,000 members on Facebook — will throw a big concert at American Legion Post #135 on Feb. 7th.

Mark your calendars and stay tuned for more details.

Right now, Savannah Rocks! is seeking submissions that will part of a 30-foot long user-generated bulletin board documenting Savannah’s rock and roll history. The show will open at The Sentient Bean on January 3rd. The display will then move to the gallery at Blick Art Supplies in March. (Blick and Creative Approach are both sponsors of the project, by the way.)

A word from the organizers (who include Tom Kohler and Roy Swindelle):

This educational and entertaining project depends on locals contributing material from their own collections.

There are several ways to get FREE copies made of one-of-a-kind mementos (photos, ticket stubs, news clippings, posters, autographs, whatever!).

Adapted from the Savannah Rocks! Facebook group page:

To submit digital material:

Send an email to Travis at Creative Approach: Attach the file(s) in high resolution. Be sure and include relevant info about the submission. Make it clear in the email’s subject line that this is a Savannah Rocks! submission.

To submit paper material – 3 options:

1. Drop by Creative Approach 408 MLK Blvd, 9-5 M-F. They will scan and give back to you. Let them know you are part of Savannah Rocks! No cost.

2.Take your material to ANY print shop and have them make hi resolution scans and send to (Obviously, you will have to pay for work done at print shops other than the sponsor Creative Approach.)

3.Bring your material to The Sentient Bean on Sunday, Dec. 29th from 2-5 p.m. Savannah Rocks! will have a scanner at the coffee shop and can scan your materials for free.

If you submit original materials, Savannah Rocks! is not responsible for loss or damage.

If you want to add materials to the bulletin board anytime during the month of January, just bring them by The Sentient Bean and tack them up. The bulletin board will be loosely arranged by chronology, but it’s not going to be designed or curated — so if you’ve got something to add, you’re encouraged to participate.

For more information, email Savannah Rocks!: