What would Savannah look like in the snow? – part 2

Less than two months ago, I posted about the fake snow in various spots around Savannah for a Belk commercial shoot: What would Savannah look like in the snow?

In that post, I included a handful of iPhone photos of the shoot on Gordon Street just off Monterey Square. I’ll repost those here.

And now Belk has released the commercial, which goes at a really fast pace. You can see the Gordon Street location and also The Coffee Fox on Broughton Street in the 33 second spot, “Gone South for Christmas”.

First a repost of my previous pics, and then the new commercial:




And here’s a video of another recent Belk commercial that was shot in Savannah. Can you recognize the locations?

The first scene is at 700 Drayton at The Mansion, then out in front of The Paris Market on Broughton, then Bull Street in front of Local 11 Ten and the American Legion, then Forsyth Park, and finally the riverfront.