MTV posts a new clip from upcoming “CBGB”

I’ll present this with little comment.

From MTV’s Rupert Grint’s Butt Takes Center Stage In Exclusive ‘CBGB’ Clip:

Essentially, “CBGB” was a place with great music where just about anything could happen. Take this exclusive clip for example. In it, Cheetah Chrome is speaking with Genya Ravan (Stana Katic) at the bar. She comments on his red locks and asks if they are the genuine article or just a dye job.

Cheetah Chrome insists that his hair is, in fact, the real deal, but there’s only one way to really convince her. That’s when he drops trou, and we see a whole lot of Rupert Grint. Not exactly what you expected to see from the former Ron Weasley, huh?

CBGB shot most of its scenes last summer in Savannah — the club’s actual interior was reconstructed at Meddin Studios and many of the exterior shots were done along Congress Street.

I published a lot of images from those outdoor shoots (see here and here), but I’ll be going through some of those pics again soon. I have a fair number that have never been posted and some that could likely use re-editing.

Here’s one that I reposted just recently, with Rupert Grint as Cheetah Chrome, Justin Bartha as Stiv Bators, and Bronson Adams as Johnny Blitz — The Dead Boys.


Anyway, here’s the clip that MTV has posted: