Rock with true southern edge with T. Hardy Morris & Roadkill Ghost Choir in Savannah Saturday

From the Facebook invitation for Roadkill Ghost Choir and T. Hardy Morris on Saturday, August 17th at The Jinx:

They rocked out at Stopover ’13 and they’re coming back! Roadkill Ghost Choir was a fave for many and now’s your chance to catch them again.

Dead Confederate’s lead singer, T. Hardy Morris, is touring in support of his recently released debut solo album.

Roadkill Ghost Choir is from Deland, Florida. I love the edge in the lead vocals combined with the flat out great playing:

T. Hardy Morris just released Audition Tapes at the end of July.

This amazing video for “Share the Needle” was shot at Howard Finster’s Paradise Garden in Summerville, Georgia, as part of Morris’ series spotlighting The Georgia Trust for Historic Preservation’s “Places in Peril”:

Other videos in the series can be seen on T. Hardy Morris’ website.

With so much going on the last couple of weeks, I haven’t heard much hype about this show, which is part of the MusicFile Productions summer series, but it sure might be a great one.