Filligar with Mikaela Davis at The Jinx (photos)

Filligar came through Savannah again on Saturday night. This was the band’s second trip — the first was for a couple of sets during the 2013 Savannah Stopover. Stopover parent company MusicFile Productions arranged for the band to play this gig at The Jinx, Savannah’s premier rock club.

Filligar is currently promoting their excellent new album Hexagon, which was glowingly reviewed by Connect Savannah editor Jim Morekis.

Even though I’m a fan of the album and even though I saw both of Filligar’s Stopover sets, I still wasn’t prepared for just how good Saturday night’s show was.

The opener Mikaela Davis was pretty awesome too. It was almost certainly the only time a lead singer on The Jinx stage has been playing a harp — and the only time I can even recall there being a harp on stage.

I love taking photos at The Jinx, but there are some spots where the lights are a little hot and others where they’re a little too dim and cool. It’s really hard to get good shots of drummers with my current setup, so, sorry, in advance, to all the drummers out there.

First up here are shots of Fillgar during their set, and then some shots of their encore number — “I Shall Be Released.” Mikaela Davis and her excellent musicians joined in, as did Tony Beasley (aka Whiskey Dick), who briefly abandoned his post at the bar. Then the last shots are of Mikaela Davis and company.

I’ll crosspost these photos in a day or two to my Savannah Unplugged Facebook page.

Click for larger versions. Enjoy.

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