Whole Foods Market in Savannah set to open on August 13

Whole Foods had previously stated an August 17 date for opening the doors on Victory Drive in Savannah, but they’ve bumped that up to August 13.

From the store’s Facebook page:

We are thrilled to announce our Grand Opening Date of Tuesday, August 13th (9am)!!!!! We have lots of fun events planned so as soon as all of the details are available we will post here! We also announced today our Sneak Preview Tours which will be your chance at a pre-opening peek! Stay tuned for more details but for now….start making your shopping lists cause we cant wait to see you!

It says something about the Whole Foods business model that individual stores have their own Facebook pages.

Eventually, the Savannah store will have its open website too, but we have not yet appeared on this page of stores in development.

So good news, unless you’re one of the local residents more concerned about traffic than happy about this fairly important development in terms of food culture not to mention the overall retail climate in Savannah.

As a friend noted recently in the comments, there are other grocery stores off of Victory Drive that are hardly the key issues behind the slow traffic in the general area of Skidaway Road and the Truman Parkway. Grocery stores — even the busiest of them — spread out their business through the day, and many shoppers at Whole Foods will be approaching the store from the Truman, from the east, or from the back via the Daffin Park area. So relax about that.