4th of July fireworks from River Street in Savannah (photos)

A friend and I met up at about 8:30 in the beer garden at Moon River Brewing Company tonight for a drink and a sandwich. Then we headed to River Street just before 9:30 when the fireworks were set to begin.

It seemed to me there were slightly fewer people on River Street than the last time I was down there for the 4th, although I can’t even remember precisely when that was.

The area near Rousakis Plaza — between Bull and Abercorn streets — was pretty raucous. Lots of drinking, talking, even singing along to the overly loud sound system that kept blaring pop and country songs right through the show.

Then we walked west to the other side of the Hyatt. The crowd was completely different — older, quiet, almost reverential.

As I’ve gotten older, I’ve gotten less awed by fireworks — and by a lot of other things. But the pyrotechnics do make for some great photos, as well as a great advertisement for the Westin on Hutchinson Island.

A few photos (click for larger versions):

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