Ben Tucker remembered with joyous procession and music

It’s about 4 p.m., and it’s pouring rain.

I just checked the satellite radar and there are only a couple of dots on it — one of them is drenching downtown Savannah.

It seems almost fitting.

Ben Tucker was laid to rest today in Savannah (if you don’t know who he was, check out my post from last week), with a series of events. The funeral service was at the Evangelical Lutheran Church of the Ascension on Wright Square at 11. Outside, dozens of us waited for the service to end and then joined a New Orleans-style processional down State Street and then up Barnard to Ellis Square.

As the marching band stopped its singing and playing, the band on stage got rolling.

The crowd thinned out relatively fast — it was a hot day and a work day for many — but the music was beautiful. I stayed long enough to catch up with some old friends and to hear a beautiful rendition of Ben’s classic song “Comin’ Home Baby.”

I took a bunch of photos — as a zillion others did — but I’m not going to edit all of those until tomorrow sometime. I’ll also wait till then to weigh in again on some of the issues surrounding the horrible accident that ended his life.

I like these two, though. That’s

Best to all.