Savannah Fashion Week finale fashion show at the Lucas Theatre (photos)

Not long after the event on Thursday, I posted some preview shots of my photos from the Savannah Fashion Week finale fashion show at the Lucas. Here’s a bigger set of edited photos — some cropping and other relatively minor adjustments.

I’ll probably post an even larger set to my Savannah Unplugged Facebook page in the next few days. (Additional “likes” appreciated. A strong Facebook presence has been and will be critical to this site’s success.)

I’m going to say more about the fashion show and Savannah Fashion Week in my City Talk column on Tuesday, so I’m not going to say much here.

I took all these from my seat in the 4th row, four seats off the aisle. It was a great spot for watching, but you’ll see that relatively few of these photos include feet.

Also, I found the lighting in the sweet spot of the runway a little hot for good photos. The fashions had a lot of light colors, a number of the models were very light-skinned, and my camera was picking up an unusual amount of yellow in the light. For some of the darker-skinned models, the effect was quite nice. The combined issues were actually all conducive to getting pictures of the bold jewelry from Zia Boutique, which was displayed against colorful but relatively dark backgrounds comprised of the models’ skin and bikinis. Some of the looks just weren’t conducive to good shots, for me at least.

Anyway, I’ve arbitrarily limited the size of this album to the 40 that I like best. I’ll post updates here when my column comes out and when more of the photos are posted to Facebook. You can click to enlarge and then scroll. Enjoy.

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