Photos from the Muse Arts Warehouse Fundraiser

What a great time on Monday evening — and for a great, great cause.

The “Show Me the Love” fundraiser for Muse Arts Warehouse brought out a good crowd of generous Savannahians eager to support Muse Arts Warehouse, which in three years has become an indispensable venue for theatre, film, and a wide variety of other events and gatherings.

I couldn’t stay for the entire event, but I did make it to Bryson Hall for cocktails and some great food from Gerald’s Pig & Shrimp, and then for a while to The Historic Savannah Theatre, which had been donated for the occasion.

The musical revue was hilariously hosted by Grace Diaz and featured some stalwarts of the Savannah theatre scene.

Before I had to leave I got a few shots of the action. I also bid on a number of silent auction items, but apparently I was outbid — good for Muse, but too bad for me.

I’ll post these photos to the Savannah Unplugged Facebook page too, and I’m sure many of them will be tagged there. JinHi Soucy Rand and Mark Rand — the couple of the night — can be seen in the first photo.

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