Savannah Music Fest makes another foray into indie rock with Sea Wolf at Ships of the Sea

Somewhere near the middle of Sea Wolf‘s accomplished set last night in the Ships of the Sea Museum’s lovely and versatile North Garden, Sea Wolf’s front man Alex Brown Church noted the fitting connection between the band’s name and the venue. Sea Wolf and its high-minded indie folk rock was inspired by the Jack London novel, and the songs themselves often seem to be journeys through both physical and emotional landscapes.

I especially liked last night’s rendition of “Dew in the Grass”, which you can sample here:

I’ll confess to not knowing anything about Sea Wolf before they appeared on the SMF schedule, partially thanks to support from Savannah Stopover. But the band seemed a perfect choice in the ongoing efforts of the SMF to program more modern acts alongside the various genres of traditional music that the SMF specializes in.

The seats were nearly all full under the pavilion last night, plus a good number of us chose to stand for all or most of the show in the back near the soundboard. The rapt attention at the front of the space set a respectful tone that seemed appropriate for the music, but a number of friends noted that they’d love to catch Sea Wolf in a rock club, where the energy would be different.

Although a couple of dozen listeners pushed up toward the stage and stood during the final songs, the layout of the seating limited interactions between the band and the audience. Of course, I should also add that Savannah has limited venues for a standup show for a band of Sea Wolf’s stature. The recently renovated ballroom at the Knights of Columbus, which Savannah Stopover made such good use, is one of the few spots with adequate capacity.

In a post yesterday, I talked about the diversification of SMF audiences, a goal that’s definitely furthered by bringing an act like Sea Wolf.

Sea Wolf’s Old World Romance is now available on iTunes.

A photo posted yesterday to the Sea Wolf Facebook page, which has over 70,000 fans: