Little Tybee at the 2013 Savannah Stopover

Little Tybee played an early evening set last Saturday on the packed patio at the Congress Street Social Club on the final day of the 2013 Savannah Stopover.

Now based in Atlanta, the band has some deep roots here in Savannah and along the coast — Little Tybee is one of Georgia’s barrier islands.

That connection brought a big and varied crowd to the venue. The strings of lights above provided a bit of light, but mostly I was picking up streetlights, which give the pics a yellow hue. Dominick Mastrangelo, shooting for BrooklynVegan, decided to desaturate his excellent shots, but I kind of like the effect with the color.

It’s easy for bands to get a little lost on the outdoor stage at Congress Street Social Club — there’s typically a lot of chatter from regulars who treat musicians as background music. But there was no ignoring Little Tybee, stellar players who meld seamlessly into an ensemble.

From the band’s website:

It has been a crazy two years since our last release and we are really excited to finally announce the release of Little Tybee’s third studio album, For Distant Viewing on April 9, 2013 via Paper Garden Records.

We have traveled through multiple countries with joy and trepidation constantly challenging the direction of our smiles. We have lived, learned and embraced the value of the ‘band on the road’ lifestyle and with that acceptance, we have matured creatively, emotionally, existentially and musically in more ways than we could ever have imagined. We realize that our dreams are propelled solely by the love and support you, our fans, have for our creations. We are truly honored to be the soundtrack to the chosen moments of your lives. We create for you, and because of you, and now we will do our very best to play our music to you wherever you may be.

Here’s “For Distant Viewing”, the title track on the band’s upcoming album (set for release on Paper Garden Records on April 9):

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