BrooklynVegan, other key sites cover Savannah Stopover

At the end of my City Talk column today, I noted the importance of the media attention attracted by the just-completed 3rd annual Savannah Stopover:

The names might sound obscure for those who stick to legacy media, but Savannah Stopover attracted attention from important publications, including BrooklynVegan, Paste Magazine, Scene SC, The Blue Indian, Consequence of Sound and Donkey Jaw.

Sites like those are absolutely crucial for a festival like Savannah Stopover. BrooklynVegan and similar sites have redefined music journalism and have become the key outlets for indie music coverage.

BrooklynVegan has did a glowing post for each day of the Stopover.

The post about day one features excellent photos by Dominick Mastrangelo of Mac DeMarco’s great show at The Jinx. (I saw Mastrangelo all over all weekend without knowing who he was shooting for.)

Mastrangelo’s coverage at BrooklynVegan for day two begins by quoting six paragraphs of my Unplugged column this week for Do and includes photos of of Montreal, Filligar, and this mountain.

BrooklynVegan’s day three coverage has more great photos, plus some text that seems on point:

The Savannah Stopover festival might only be three years old but it already has the makings of a go-to festival. There’s the charming, walkable downtown area with venues just steps from each other. You can tote your (inexpensive) alcoholic beverage around the streets. The price for a three-day pass was an insanely-reasonable $75. The festival schedule felt manageable with only about 100 bands on the docket. (And just about all of these bands are heading to Austin this week.) There were a lot of hallmarks to SXSW, and indeed one person offered up the observation that the current size of Stopover reminded him of the very early years of SXSW.

But the thing that is so important to any festival, whether it be SXSW or Coachella, is having a strong line-up. And Stopover very much had this.

Here’s the take from The Donkey Jaw’s Surviving Savannah Stopover:

Holy, Savannah! Quite frankly, we’re exhausted and still recovering (Bless you good people that are doing SXSW this week too). So many amazing bands in one incredible city. Here are a few of our favorite shots from the weekend.

Among the bands highlighted by The Donkey Jaw is Savannah trio Lovely Locks.

I’ll do another update as press mentions warrant, and I’ll be back in a couple of days with additional posts of more of my own pics.

Here’s one I’ve previous posted of Mac DeMarco: