Savannah Stopover preview: Wet Socks

I’m running out of time to post more of these Savannah Stopover previews, but I’m not running out of acts worth seeing — not even close.

Wet Socks (love the name) is the Savannah-based garage rock duo of Hunter Jayne (vocals, guitar) and John Zimmerman (drums) — one of a number of young local acts booked for this year’s festival.

Just a couple of hours ago, Wet Socks posted “In My Head” from the upcoming EP Dirty, Dirty.

There’s a great retro vibe, plus a willful distortion, an addictive beat, and some surprising shifts — all in 2 minutes.

Hunter is also the guitarist and a backing vocalist for Triathalon — click here for my Stopover preview. At first, I was describing Wet Socks as a “Triathalon side project,” but the duo’s work seems both more serious and and more exciting each time I’ve heard them.

Wet Socks will be performing at 10 p.m. on Thursday, March 7 at Taco Abajo.

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Click here for the Stopover page devoted to Wet Socks, which doesn’t have much on it.

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And here are a few pics I took of Wet Socks at a gig recently at The Sparetime, an appropriately spare room for the music. They have a look. And, yes, the vocals are going through a landline telephone . . .