Do you recognize this church?

I’ll confess I’ve never appreciated the beauty of this Savannah church until I was across the street from it a few days ago.


Do you recognize it?

It’s St. Philip A.M.E. Church on Martin Luther King, Jr. Boulevard.


The church was founded in 1865, but the building was demolished in the hurricane of 1896. The current structure has an interesting history, according to the church’s website:

In December 1909, Rev. R.H. Singleton became the pastor and served seven years – the first minister to serve more than four years. During this administration, the present modern brick structure, unique in being designed by an African American architect – J. A. Langford – who designed the building in a Romanesque Revival style which is a Greek and Roman structure, was completed. Rev. R.V. Branch then served from 1916 to 1923. He was a great preacher and efficient pastor.