The Accomplices / Lobo Marino / Antique Animals – The Sentient Bean – 01/29/13

A big Tuesday night gig at The Sentient Bean on Park Avenue just south of Forsyth.

The Accomplices have been playing a lot of gigs around Savannah lately — including the excellent Homegrown Holiday Hoedown in the American Legion ballroom in December.

From The Sentient Bean:

The Accomplices a lowcountry string band from Savannah, Georgia, is a unique sort of rock and groove-based blues-grass with overtones of jazz and bohemian country. With acoustic/effected guitars, upright bass, percussion, mandolin, and fiddle, their playing is one cross-genre blend of musical style and influence that will engage every type of listener.

Lobo Marino is the musical response to the travels and ongoing spiritual journey of members Jameson Price and Laney Sullivan. During a year long trip in South America, Price and Sullivan encountered one of their spirit guides, the enormous Pacific Sea Lion, also known as “el lobo marino”. […]

Antique Animals is a band of misfits formed by Joseph Shuck in the summer of 2010, in Jacksonville, FL. What began as a 2 piece acoustic folk group, quickly transformed into a 6 piece band whose sound is a melting pot of alternative, folk, rock, pop, and Americana. Backed by local Jacksonville musicians Milan Algood (drums), Michael Boff (bass), Angel Garcia (keys), Daniel Hunting (guitar), and Sergio Valdes (trumpet), Shuck gives life to his songs through passionate live performance, and soulful songwriting.

The Accomplices

The Accomplices

The Sentient Bean has been one of the most consistent venues for live music for several years now — it’s one of the few spots around town for traveling musicians besides relatively loud and late bars. In 2012, the Bean helped solidify that position by adding beer and wine to its eclectic vegetarian menu and broad selection of coffees, smoothies, and other drinks.

And this looks like a particularly good gig, with its mix of local and touring talent.