Local acts and venues confirmed for Savannah Stopover

The folks at Savannah Stopover have confirmed local bands that will be performing during the March festival, as well as venues that will be used.

First, as detailed in this morning’s press release, the venues:

  • *Forsyth Park Bandshell- 3/8 of Montreal Free Concert (All Ages)
  • *Knights Of Columbus Hall- (All Ages)
  • *Club One
  • *Taco Abajo (All Ages)
  • Ships of The Sea North Garden (All Ages)
  • The Jepson Center for The Arts (All Ages)
  • The Jinx
  • Hang Fire Bar
  • Congress Street Social Club (All Ages until 10pm)
  • The Sparetime (Artist Lounge + music downstairs)

Those marked with an asterisk are being used by Stopover for the first time. The Knights of Columbus Hall is on Liberty at Bull, but for the most part the venues are pretty tightly clustered in the northwest quadrant of downtown.

The confirmed local Savannah acts are:

  • Blackrune
  • Bear Fight!
  • City Hotel
  • Clouds & Satellites
  • Damon & the Shitkickers
  • Deep Search
  • Eric Britt
  • Jamison Murphy
  • KidSyc@Brandywine
  • Lovely Locks
  • mumbledust
  • Sincerely, Iris
  • The Accomplices
  • The Trainwrecks
  • Triathalon
  • Wet Socks
  • Whaleboat
  • Whiskey Dick

And here’s a collage of those acts:2Local_collage_FLAT

(Left to Right: Blackrune; Lovely Locks (by Grant Boutiette); Sincerely, Iris; KidSyc@Brandywine, The Train Wrecks (by Geoff Johnson); Eric Britt; Jamison Murphy; Deep Search; The Accomplices; mumbledust; Bear Fight!; Whiskey Dick (by Geoff Johnson); Wet Socks; Clouds & Satellites; City Hotel; Damon and the Shitkickers; Whaleboat)

More from the press release:

Performance times and venues for all local acts will be announced the week of 1/28. Whaleboat has already been confirmed to open the Festival’s Georgia Music Showcase on 3/9 at Knights of Columbus with Atlanta’s Ponderosa and headliner The Whigs from Athens.

This year, in support of local rap and hip-hop artists, Savannah’s finest emcee’s will be free styling on various stages throughout the three-day festival in collaboration with Stopover performers. Emcees include: C. Jizzy, Dawn Dutchess, Knife, Miggs, Tione, Solo, KidSyc, Basik Lee. Kid Syc’s Lloyd Harold will serve as the emcee for the 3/8 of Montreal Concert in Forsyth Park.

From Anna Chandler, the festival’s local band booking manager:

By staging our hometown pride alongside praised national acts, we hope to bring Savannah’s music scene to the world and establish lasting relationships between touring bands and locals.