Leno gives a shout-out to Savannah Stopover as he introduces The Whigs (video embedded)

You’re going to be reading and hearing a lot about the 2013 Savannah Stopover between now and opening night on March 7.

Word of the Stopover reached a nationwide audience last night as Jay Leno introduced Athens-based band The Whigs, one of this year’s festival headliners.

The horns in “Staying Alive” really lift this song to another level, I think.

Click here to go to NBC’s site for just the key clip. I can’t embed just that clip right now, but here’s the entire show. You can wade through an ad first, then click directly to the 37:45 mark for Leno’s introduction followed by the performance:

Click here for the Savannah Stopover homepage or click here for a summary post with links from this blog.