Savannah Morning News: City likely to revise alcohol ordinance again

Well I’ll definitely be looking at this issue in coming posts and/or columns: Savannah looks to rewrite liquor laws

From the article by Lesley Conn, writing about the current alcohol ordinance:

It includes nary a word to consider that discriminating shoppers may want to sip a honey-based mead at the Savannah Bee Co. before buying.

Nor does it direct how the city shall regulate the considerate shop owner who wants to offer a glass of champagne during a manicure or a glass of wine at an after-hours party.

There’s no indication that this is going to deal with the thorniest issues, like the exclusion of 18-20 year old adults from public performances that take place in bars.

But there are some serious problems. There’s currently no way for businesses to legally do the things in the examples above.

The issue is more common than one might think. I know of an expensive clothing store that once offered a glass of wine to customers, a spot for guided activities that would like to serve wine too, a high-end retail store that would like to offer wine to waiting spouses, usually husbands. Businesses like those named in the article want to do everything legally and above board — bar cards, carding clientele, getting a beer and wine license if necessary — but they don’t fit anywhere in current law.

At the same time, there are lots of hazy areas that will probably remain. I’m thinking especially about the myriad art openings and similar receptions that happen very periodically and often include free wine or similar options.

It’s going to be interesting to watch.