Les Racquet closing in on ambitious Kickstarter goal

The tremendous trio Les Racquet has turned Savannah into a second home of sorts — they’ve played innumerable gigs here over the past year or so, mainly at Live Wire Music Hall and Tybee Island Social Club.

The band is about to enter the final day of an aggressive fundraising campaign on Kickstarter — in 10 days they’ve collected over $8,200 of a $10,000 goal.

But that means they need a good final stretch of crowdsource fundraising before the campaign ends late Saturday night.

From the campaign homepage:

Every artist needs support in order to bring their creative visions to reality. We have found ourselves an ideal situation in Savannah, Georgia for recording our next full-length album.

After two years of honing our style, we feel that this album will be a true definition of Les Racquet and our true breakout release.

We’ve booked 6 days at ELEVATED BASEMENT STUDIOS here in Savannah from December 11th-17th. Approximately 15 songs will comprise this album’s statement. We’ll be bringing it home to you this New Year spend 2013 on the road to show it to the whole country. […]

The risks of recording this record are profoundly obvious to us. We understand that in the music industry, successful bands have staying power through evolution and the process of getting better, both individually and collectively. Being versatile and self effacing allows artists to forge ahead, roll with the tide and represent the passions and values of themselves and their fans. As musicians, our success is based on how people relate to our music, and each new release runs the risk of alienating fans or music enthusiasts who might not relate. As artists, we cannot be hindered by this, because the true nature of the artist is to not compromise the values and creativity that inspires them to create.

There’s much more on Kickstarter.

Patrick, Daniel and Kenny talk about their goals in the accompanying video:

And here’s “Oh Yeah” live:

And more on the campaign here:

Here’s a small gallery of photos I took last spring at a couple of different gigs at Live Wire (back when Patrick still had long hair):

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