Betsy Kingston & the Crowns – Satisfied – 11/21/12

Lots of young Savannah natives are going to turn out for this pre-Thanksgiving show — both those who live here and those who are coming home for the holidays.

The daughter of Congressman Jack Kingston, Betsy grew up in Savannah. From her website:

Betsy Kingston & the Crowns’ brand of indie blues-rock and alt-country music captures the soul and beauty of a bygone era, while delivering an unmatched high-energy performance. Her debut album, Blue Laws, is rooted in rock n’ roll and alternative country, though it explores elements of alternative rock and soul. With over 100 shows performed across the country in just under a year, Betsy Kingston & the Crowns have created a following based around a fearless work ethic and desire to bring live music to the masses.

Kingston’s soulful voice effortlessly powers her genre-hopping debut album, which is neatly divided between booze-soaked blues-rockers and gentle country-folk numbers. Her voice drips with whiskey and rattles with gravel, only to shift gears at a moment’s notice, revealing a subtle vulnerability and twang. Recorded while on the road in Portland, but later mixed in Nashville and Sacramento, Blue Laws embraces numerous styles while remaining true to its southern roots.

Here’s “Use Me” filmed at the Georgia Theatre: