Simon Joyner + The Ghosts / Devil By My Side – The Sparetime – 11/15/12

About Simon Joyner:

Simon Joyner was born in New Orleans, Louisiana, but he’s lived in Omaha, Nebraska most of his life. The geography, mythology, and personal connection to both the South and the Midwest act as shadow characters throughout his large body of work–swallowing some characters, emboldening others, always reminding us that place is much more than mere scenery. Joyner’s songs and stories focus on struggling or haunted characters who confirm their humanity during moments of strength and weakness, disappointment, failure, and, of course, love.

Joyner’s musical career began during the early 90’s lo-fi explosion which spawned contemporaries like Smog, Lou Barlow, and Will Oldham. Like them, Joyner was quick to avoid being pigeonholed as a lo-fi, 4-track artist. Instead, he chose the recording environment that suited the individual material, allowing some records to be recorded in studios, others in living rooms and warehouse spaces. Between tours, he released a series of influential records on various independent labels (including his own label, Sing, Eunuchs!) before giving up regular touring to raise a family.

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