Happy 35th birthday to Meat Loaf’s “Bat Out of Hell”

I wish I were in Cleveland tonight.


That’s where Meat Loaf, his band, and even special guest Sammy Hagar will be performing a concert
commemorating the 35th anniversary of the great album Bat Out of Hell.

However cheesy and over-the-top, Bat Out of Hell — with songs by Jim Steinman — stands as one of the great albums out there, in my humble opinion.

I have sharp memories of Meat Loaf’s swaggering performance at Oglethorpe Speedway in 2005, a benefit for Katrina victims, which took place the same day as Savannah Pride on River Street. My column the next week began:

Last Saturday night was all about sweat, leather, smoke machines and a throbbing beat.

No, not Savannah Pride on River Street.

Meat Loaf at Oglethorpe Speedway.

That’s as corny as some of the lyrics.

Here’s “Bat Out of Hell” from concert footage of the 1978 tour in Germany. The sound quality is a little shaky but it’s great watching that big guy sing:

As great as the title track is, it’s not as well known as three others from the album: