Check out SCAD students’ bumpers for the 2012 Savannah Film Festival

We probably won’t know which student-made bumpers will be played before screenings at the upcoming Savannah Film Festival until a week from now, but lots of links have been crossing my desk(top).

So here are some of the entries, embedded mostly from YouTube with a couple from Vimeo.

I’m sure I didn’t locate all of them, btw — I just did a pretty quick search and grabbed the code of the ones that turned up. I’d be happy to add others to the post if someone can just leave messages with the URL or embed code.

UPDATE, 10/23: Ross Helton has posted 42 to a single YouTube playlist. If you click play on the first video here, the next in the playlist will automatically start:

Here are 20 individual links — all of which are part of the playlist above:

Savannah Film Festival 2012 Bumper from Clemy Clarke on Vimeo.