Christian Lee Hutson with Mumbledust – The Sentient Bean – 10/12/12

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Christian Lee Hutson is a member of The Driftwood Singers, but he’ll be on his own for this gig. He has a good, twangy sound:

Mumbledust is a Savannah act:

Shawndra Russell’s Music Matters column in Do in the Savannah Morning News covers Mumbledust this week:

Rachael Perisho (singer and musical saw player) and Ryan McCardle (banjo and guitar player) have combined their talents in Mumbledust to create a sound they call folk noir/dark folk.

Of their name, Ryan says: “I think it’s very telling of the sounds we make and the words we speak — very gentle and minimal with some concern for the happenings of the past.”

I have yet to hear Mumbledust, but I like the ethereal sound.

And a reminder as you think about whether to check out these two acts: The Sentient Bean now serves beer and wine.