Wheels in the sky: What if bike lanes were above traffic?

This is a really interesting animation from Exterior Architecture of the proposed SkyCycle project in London:

Here’s the text that accompanies the YouTube video:

The London Cycle Network is insufficiently safe for cyclists. Having to navigate around stopped buses and cars, some cyclists choose the safer option of the pavement. Vehicles pull out on cyclists and they find they have no where to go. The Barclays Cycle Superhighway scheme does not do enough for London cyclists.Cars still pull out on cyclists, park on the superhighway, and buses block the blue lane.

SkyCycle is a solution from Exterior Architecture of elevated conduits running across the major commuter routes of London. A cycling utopia, with no buses, no cars and no stress.

From Wheels in the sky: Artist’s impression gives stunning vision of Boris’ planned elevated London bike network in the Daily Mail:

It may have only been a matter of weeks since Mayor of London Boris Johnson was left suspended precariously above the capital in a comical zip wire malfunction during the Olympics.

But Mr Johnson could be looking to take to the skies once again, this time on his bike, as he considers an architect’s proposals for a network of elevated cycle paths between London’s mainline stations.

Spectacular artist’s impressions of what the city’s raised cycle network – given a working name of SkyCycle – could look like were released this week along with the first details of the project.

But shouldn’t bicycling, even in congested cities, be about urban engagement, about building community connections? Does segregating cyclists create long-term dangers? Or is a great way to encourage cycling and reduce street congestion?

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