Month: September 2012

Maureen Dowd on little black dresses, Andre Leon Talley, and a new exhibit at the SCAD Museum of Art

I sure would have loved to have been a fly on the way as Andre Leon Talley and Maureen Dowd toured the exhibit “Little Black Dress” at the SCAD Museum of Art.

Savannah has something Atlanta wants: a real city center

“The economy has changed, but the plan doesn’t need to,” said Sottile, referencing the city squares that Gen. James Oglethorpe laid out almost 300 years ago. “It survived the American Revolution, the Civil War and the 20th Century. And now it’s defining sustainability in the 21st Century.”

Are the political polls biased against Romney?

Any single poll might show serious flaws or be a statistical outlier. But taken together they have a strong track record.

A few blogging updates — readership, photos, community needs, ad sales, Peach Pundit, other issues

Should this blog have more contributors? Why doesn’t anyone buy ads? Why don’t we have more local music bloggers?

Savannah Film Festival special screenings: a list, links, a couple of previews

The special screenings at the 2012 Savannah Film Festival include “On the Road”, Walter Salles’ adaptation of the Jack Kerouac classic.

“Rise of the Guardians”: official trailers for 3D film closing the Savannah Film Festival

The Savannah Film Festival will close with Rise of the Guardians from Dreamworks Animation. It will be the first film to take advantage of the new 3D technology at Trustees Theater.

James Gandolfini, Matt Dillon, Diane Lane among guests for 2012 Savannah Film Festival

Rumble Fish!! The Outsiders!!

Savannah Mayor Edna Jackson has asked City Manager Rochelle Small-Toney to resign

Moments ago, after Savannah City Council returned from a lengthy executive session, Mayor Edna Jackson stated publicly that on Tuesday she asked Savannah City Manager Rochelle Small-Toney to resign.

I’m unclear at the moment whether that resignation was actually tendered, and Mayor Jackson stated that no official actions could be taken at this specially called meeting today.

NYT: Does Louisville Need More Highways?

Long before I started writing about urbanism, I was intrigued by Louisville’s downtown — the vast empty blocks dotted with so many gems. Of course, the downtown was once filled, not just dotted, with architectural gems, and the streets bustled with life.

Case-Shiller: More good news, even for Atlanta

OK, first a warning: don’t expect that we’ll continue to see such healthy numbers for home prices through the winter months.

A new arena for Savannah — should we just throw in the towel?

There’s not a lot of vision down at City Hall right now.

Graveface Fest 2012 – Southern Pine Company – 10/27/12

Featuring Black Moth Super Rainbow, The Casket Girls, CUSSES, Serengeti, The Marshmallow Ghosts, Dreamend, David Liebe Hart (of Tim & Eric) doing an all puppet performance, The Stargazer Lilies, and Creepoid

The Moth and The Unchained Tour covered by the New York Times and Oxford American

Joan Juliet Buck: “So: when George Dawes Green was young, he would stay up all night in Georgia drinking bourbon and telling stories as moths flapped against the screened-in porch of a schoolteacher named Wanda Bullard . . . “

Comparing job losses after major financial crises

There are certainly things that could have been done at the federal level — and to a lesser extent at the state and local levels — that could have softened the decline somewhat and put us on a slightly steeper recovery curve. But most of those potential moves would have been either politically impossible or would have carried other risks.