Dueling TV ads in Georgia House District 12: John Barrow vs. National Republican Congressional Committee

I haven’t actually seen either of these ads on TV, but ht to Peach Pundit for posting the Barrow ad today.

I had to hunt around a little for the NRCC ad. The NRCC has made a huge ad buy — almost a million dollars, according to Larry Peterson at the Savannah Morning News.

That’s money over and above whatever Lee Anderson or Rick Allen spend after the winner is decided into today’s 12th district runoff.

Barrow used to be my representative, by the way, but all of Chatham County was removed from the newly drawn 12th, which prompted Barrow to buy a house in Augusta. The new district is decidedly Republican-leaning, but I have not been very impressed by either Allen or Anderson as campaigners so far. And, as you can see below, Barrow knows how to hit some key tropes for reelection.

Here you go: