CBGB exterior on one side of Congress, a real rock club on the other (24 photos)

In my Man About Town column today — The Jinx rocks on — I write abut The Jinx (the Velvet Elvis until 2003) and some of the ironies of it being right across the street from the CBGB exterior that has been created almost directly across the street:

It’s ironic that all this attention is going to a hole-in-the-wall live music venue. Many Savannahians would never dream of going to such a place.

The exterior has been recreated on West Congress Street just a few doors down from The Lady and Sons. Some lucky tourist salivating for fried chicken might get a chance to see Rupert Grint of “Harry Potter” fame playing The Dead Boys’ Cheetah Chrome while the actual Cheetah Chrome is on set for a cameo.

And it’s ironic that the mock dive club is practically across the street from a real one.

I go to The Jinx a lot — dozens of times just for Saturday happy hours with Damon and the Shitkickers. There are three bartenders who know what I want before I even order, a cause for both celebration and concern.

In honor of The Jinx and the movie CBGB, I just wanted to post some photos. I’ve been more organized at taking pictures during the Savannah Stopover, so some of these are from those gigs.

Roll over to see the captions if they don’t show up automatically. All of these were taken since I began this blog about 18 months ago.

Click for bigger pics.

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