Patti Smith on “CBGB” movie: “It seems ridiculous to be filming it.”

Never dull and constantly moving forward, Patti Smith is not so impressed with the idea of the movie CBGB, in which she will be played by Mickey Sumner (Sting’s daughter).

But before I get to that, I should note that I love Smith’s new album Banga, which I purchased last week on iTunes. I haven’t had a chance to attempt my own review of it, and I may not get that done.

But you can judge the entire album for yourself: it’s currently streaming in its entirety through Soundcloud in the embed below.

Listen to all of Banga

The Interrobang has a great interview with Smith: Patti Smith: Still Looking Ahead, in which she touches upon CBGB:

Ron Bennington: The CBGBs movie is being done, and they’ve already cast somebody to play you. Is this something you’re looking forward to seeing?

Patti Smith: You know what I feel about that? I feel like….I’m still alive. (Laughs) That’s what I think. I don’t understand why anybody wants to play a living person. But, I don’t …you know, to me, we lived through that period. It seems ridiculous to be filming it. I think what should be done is– the new guard create their own things. You know, what I look forward isn’t to some rehash of what we did a couple of decades ago– when a lot of us are still here, and still working and still vibrant. You know, part open the gates and let the new guard in.

Part open the gates and let the new guard in.

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