SEAM fashion show at Savannah’s elegant Brockington Hall (lots of photos)

The SEAM (Savannah Emerging Artists Movement) fashion show took over Savannah’s beautiful Brockington Hall for a few hours last night.

SEAM is a collaborative effort of Doug Ordway’s Crazy Horse Savannah, a photo shoot production services company, and Dollhouse Productions, which includes a recording studio and PR firm run by Blake and Peter Mavrogeorgis.

Last night’s fashion show and sale in the beautiful mansion on East Hall Street featured work by a number of designers, including Emily Bargeron for Mamie Ruth, Hannah Goff, Ashley Newsome for Haberdashery, Faith Thornburg, Alex Good, Brittany Short, Lindsey Johnston, Alexis Rebeca Turner for lexiebec, Elizabeth Knight, Meredith Sutton, and Danielle Hughes Rose.

The 20 or so models moved through several rooms as they showed off about 80 different looks — it was a fun, fast night. I wasn’t really sure what the turnout would be like given the big concert going on a few blocks away in Forsyth Park, but there was a great crowd. Someone had to race off and buy another case of champagne — always a good sign.

I’m not sure who all the people are in these shots, but I’d be happy to make some updates for anyone who wants his or her name out there.

The first shot is Mangue Banzima, who runs the great blog Qui Style in Savannah, photos from which have been featured a number of times in the New York Times.

Further down, there’s a shot of my friends Kevin and Danielle Rose. Danielle was there with some of her line of jewelry and she made the cool glasses in several of the shots. Kevin’s a musician, architect, charter fishing boat captain, and owner of Elevated Basement Studio.

Most of the models in these shots are with RISE Model Management here in Savannah, another of Doug Ordway’s ventures.

There’s a photo that includes opera diva Anitra Warren, who performed a couple of arias before the runway show, and Nicodemus Hammil.

Toward the end of the night, we got a visit from the ecstatic and so-black-as-to-be-unphotographable dog of Blake and Peter Mavrogeorgis. RISE model Micah Thompson is in a couple of those shots too. (I wonder what it would be like to go through life looking like that.)

There was lots of incandescent light and I was as usual shooting without flash, but I decided not to reduce the yellow in any of these shots. I think fashion photography generally tends to be too stark anyway. I would have gotten sharper images with my 50mm lens, but that would have brought me too tight for most of the show.

Click for supersized versions.

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