Besides Daniel / Adam Sams – The Sentient Bean – 05/18/12

Friday is a busy night around town, but this should be a really good gig at The Sentient Bean. I hope to make it.

From The Sentient Bean:

Besides Daniel is an independent folk band from the center of Georgia. Embarking in 2001 as the solo project of Danny Brewer, the effort briefly became a duo of two lovers. In the winter of 2009 the group outgrew the iconic pair as the romance of the duo dissolved. Today Besides Daniel endures as a full band. Crafting unique folk songs about friendships, faith, daydreams, romance, and pain, Besides Daniel hopes to inspire creativity, and thoughtfulness. [. . .]

As the music industry becomes increasingly impermanent, singer/songwriter Adam Sams wants to contribute something more lasting to the conversation. Bringing his encouraging songs to life with his guitar, harmonicas, and voice, Adam challenges his audience to more than mere existence with a degree of wisdom and introspection far beyond that of his contemporaries. His music has been praised in Augusta, GA’s The Verge, who called his debut album “an excellently crafted masterpiece.”

Danny Brewer playing a house show in Savannah in 2010